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Samsung’s Android 10 Update with One UI 2.0 | Androi 10 Update


                           One ui 2.0

Recently, Google announced that they are going to break the tradition of naming its Android OS after deserts. This tradition started way back with the Android 1.5 OS and till Android 9 Pie, we have got all the Android OS named after deserts. But with the release of the logo and the simple name for the Android Q which will be now called the Android 10, Google has put all the rumors to rest. Moreover, the clarification that Google gave is that the names of the OS after deserts, causes a lot of confusion in the global community and henceforth, the names will be simple.

                   one ui 2.0 features

  • New Gestures
  • Quick Settings
  • Security Settings

 one ui 2.0

        New Gestures
one ui 2.0

he new navigation gestures that Google is going to introduce with the Android 10 is that now you can swipe from either left or right to trigger the back button gestures. Moreover, the swipe up will take you to the home screen as you would normally do.

One ui 2.0 update

Quick Settings one ui 2.0

One ui 2.0 update

Samsung brought the One UI for its devices to make their devices more easy to use with one hand. But, now with this new aesthetic change, the tile is spread all over the screen making it difficult to reach for the tiles positioned at the top and just putting to ashes the very existence of the One UI. We will have to wait and see whether this is actually implemented or not.

Security Settings of one ui 2.0
 One ui 2.0

The two new security features are “Local” and “Privacy“. These two sections will now include all the new security features that Samsung will be adding on with the Android 10 on its devices. 

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