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project scarlett specs | how much will the new Xbox cost and when will we know more?

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Microsoft is gearing up to reveal a two-pronged attack for next-gen consoles, complete with a more affordable SKU, dubbed "Lockhart," and a more beastly premium SKU, codenamed "Anaconda." We have no idea what the next-gen consoles will look like, or be officially named when the time comes, but we do now have a credible idea of what specs these systems are targeting.

According to sources close to the project who spoke to Windows Central, the more powerful version of Project Scarlett—codenamed “Anaconda”—is looking to deliver 12 teraflops of computing power, which is nearly ten times what you get from the Xbox One S (1.4 teraflops) and double what’s available from the Xbox Box One X (6 teraflops).

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Looking at Microsoft's track record with pricing, there's a pretty good chance that Xbox Project Scarlett price will come in at just over $499. That was the launch price for both the Xbox One in 2013 and its more powerful predecessor the Xbox One X in 2016.

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According to Windows Central’s sources, Lockhart will have an 8-core processor running at 3.5GHz, producing about four teraflops of processing power — which more than doubles the Xbox One S’ 1.4 teraflops although doesn’t match the Xbox One X’s six teraflops. The publication claims that, although Lockhart may not match that performance, it comes with other features that make it “next generation” and puts it above the current X model — including ray tracing capabilities.

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Anaconda, however, destroys everything else with 12 teraflops of raw power and an 8-core CPU running at a higher speed than Lockhart. The blog claims that it won’t just double the Xbox One X’s raw CPU computing power but perform “four to five times better” thanks to “vast improvements to caching, new silicon architecture, and other general bespoke, proprietary optimizations.”
The bigger console will also have a lot more memory available for games: a total of 16GB of RAM, three dedicated to the OS and the rest exclusively for running the games. The X has “only” 9GB available for games.