Mahindra New xuv 500

              Mahindra New xuv 500 


   French producers PSA Group to India PSA Group is preparing to step down in the second quarter of next year. Get the premium SUV so be French French manufacturers. The company's first look is to the Jeep Composite and Hyundai Tuos of the SUV. According to reports, French manufacturers will choose Citroën SUV. Citroen C84 Concept SUV or C5 - Aircrops will come in India. At present, the Seven-Seater Mahindra XUV500 SUV is packed up. Initially, the jeep compound was able to cross the Mahindra SUV, but the new XUV500 phase-lift went back. But the jeep compass is still going strong in the market.

Citroen SUV can be used to market the market like jeep compass. Because India is not familiar with the Citroën car brand.The company will try to become familiar with the first two years in India. The PSA Group intends to bring more cars in the next column. According to reports, the company will approve the sale of vehicles from Chennai manufacturing facility. The PSA has joined hands with the CK Birla group ahead of the Indian Receipt.

The PSA Group is also targeting the Smart Car project in India. Pusho, under the PSA Group, is also expected to visit India next year. Pseudo is planning to launch 208 hatchback in India.The photographs of the Pucco cars that came out of the testing market reveal this. According to the contract with CK Birla Group, Pusho cars will be sold in the market by Hindustan Motor Finance Corporation Limited.
The power charge for petrol cars is for AVTEC Limited under CK Birla Group. Peugeot's decision to cut the price of the models by compiling the components to the local consumer. Peacro believes that this step will help them to stand up to the top companies.
Whether or not the Maruti Swift is their opponent, Peushe says. Whether Pusho can raise his head in a Maruti-owned segment. The Pucco 3008 SUV will also be launched with Pucco 208 hatchback.
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