Suzuki Access 125 Special Edition

 Suzuki Access 125 Special Edition Market

Suzuki Access 125 CBS (Combined Brake System) The new Access 125 CBSE ex-showroom (Delhi) is priced at Rs 58,980. Japanese manufacturers have presented the Metallic Silver Sony Color Access 125 Special Edition. The ex-showroom price of special edition access 125 is priced at Rs 60,580 (Delhi).The new access to the CBSE system will make 125 more breaking apartments. When the left brake lever holds, the breakpuff will feel in the front pants. For this reason breaking distance will be reduced.

The CBS system can ensure safety of passengers in emergency situations. New access to over 125 seats, including long sleeve, broader flyboard, large under seat storage, and previous pocket.The optional DS socket and utility kit are on the scooter. Suzuki arrives in 125 CBS markets in six colors. Pearl Suzuki Deep Blue, Cane Sonoma Red, Glass Sparkle Black, Metallic Fibroid Gray, Metallic Sonic Silver, Perl Mirage Colors Scooters.

The alloy wheels and grab wheels of black color will be accessible in the 125th Special Edition. These two factors influence the sport's shape of the special edition.While retro style access can not be abandoned 125 special editions. The company has come up with a special logo to separate the special edition access from standard access.The leather seat-beige colored seating is also a special feature of special editing access. The 125 special edition available in Suzuki Access is available in existing metallic Mat Black and Pearl Mirage White apart from Metallic Sony Silver Silver.

Suzuki does not interfere with the new access 125 CBS and access 125 Special Edition scooters. The current 124 cc single cylinder engine accesses at 125. The engine can generate 8.5 bhp power and 10.2 nm torque.The single-shock Absorber behind the telescopic previews will be suspended in the model. Drum break in front tier for braking The Honda Activa 125 and TVS Entorq models are the competitors of the Suzuki Access 125 in the market.

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