The new Gurkha Extreme Force

The new Gurkha Extreme Force, and the competitor Mahindra Thar

Force Motors has completed the preparations to give Gurkha a new edition. The new Force Gurkha XXi smartphone will be launched soon. The Gorkha extension is based on three Door Explorer model. The hard top and soft top variants will have Gurkha extras.The Gurkha extension will be similar to the existing Gurkhas. But the new model will have a significant impact on the mechanical face. This is the strength of the force.The 2.2-liter diesel engine-force Gurkha extension from Mercedes Benz OM611 will be strengthened. The engine can create a maximum 138 bhp and 321 nm torque. It replaces the 2.6 liter engine producing 84 bhp power and 230 Nm torque.
The Mercedes-Benz G32 is a five-speed manual gearbox. The model features feature a lower-case transfer case and front-zip deferred locks.The company has made changes in the suspension of Gurkha Exeter for enhancing its performance. You can expect a strong strength in suspension. The approach, dispatch and ramp breakover corners are now better off because the suspension has been modified.The new Gurkha Extra 205 mm ground clearance will be recorded. The Force Gurkha Extremes will have the capacity to pass up to 550 mm in depth.
The new Gurkha Extreme Force is likely to be sold this month itself. Pre-booking dealers of the model have already started. The Gorkha Exterior, a hardcore offshoot, will come at a higher price than the Gurkha Explorer.The price of the model is expected to be around Rs 14 lakhs. Gurkha will compete with Mahindra Tharar in the market.

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