ABS bikes of one lakh

                     ABS bikes of one lakh


Hero's latest flagship model. The Hero EQ 200R, priced at Rs 88,000, is the lowest 200cc bike in India. Previous zip disc brakes and anti-lock braking system will also have standard features of the Extreme 200R.The bike's heart is a 200 cc single cylinder with four stroke air cool engine. This is an indigenously developed engine by Hero MotoCorp. With 18 bhp power and 17.1 nm torque, the engine can be created a maximum. Manual gearbox is five speeds.


Gibson came to terms with ABS security. The bike is priced at Rs 87,250. Only one channel ABS is in Gigar. Only ABS security is in the front line.A stronger security channel than ABS is a double channel. But the double-channel ABS bike will go up. For this reason, most of the budget bikes come with one channel ABS.The gypsy features include sporting style and better control. The 155 cc engine in Gigar will produce 14 bhp power and 14 nm torque


Suzuki intruder is the only known cruiser with the ABS feature. This is the baby version of Suzuki's global column Intruder M1800 model. The 99,995 rupee is priced at Suzuki's intruder.The 155 cc engine in Giscard is also included in the Introducer. There are also corporated and fuel-induced variants in the intruder. The engine is 14.8 bhp power and 14 nm torque and max. The intruder also gets a single channel ABS security as in Gisar.


TVS Apache RTR 180 is the lowest-priced bike with double channel ABS. The TVS proved to the RTR 180 that Apple would give a double channel to budget bikes.Apart from ABS, the 'Rear Wheel Lift Protection' feature is also available in RTR 180. The bike is on the 177.4 cc engine. The engine produces a maximum of 16.3 bhp and 15.5 nm torque.Unlike other bikes in the range, the Double Shore Absorber also claims the RTR 180 Apache. The instrument cluster and Apache RTR 180 should be noted. The price is Rs 93,497.


The company is also offering a single channel ABS security in GS155 and Suzuki GSX SF. Gixxer SF is the full-time version of the Gixxer 155 model.The GSK is a 155 cc single cylinder engine in GCC. GCC SF is also the cheapest  BIKE in India. Price is Rs 96,386.


Modestly called Sporty Commuter Bike. The hornet comes with a single channel ABS support. The ABS feature is in the front of the hornet.The key element of riding housing is the engagement of sporting adventure. The bike is on the wide seat. The hornet's 162.7 cc engine produces 15 bhp power and 14 nm torque.Honda Sibi Hornet 160R is one of the bikes in the range of high-performance bikes. The price is Rs 90,735. The Honda Siberian hornet is the main hatchback to Suzuki Gixxer 155.

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