Renault Sherpa Spotted in Mumbai

                         Renault spotted Sherpa in Mumbai

Renault spotted Rainbow Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche saw the eyes open with the eyes of Sherpa. Do you know Renault's Sherpa Eeuu? A special military vehicle used only by the National Security Force (NSG) and the Industrial Security Force (CISF).Sherpa's agents do not appear in the public at large. The Renault World Champion Light SUV was set in front of the camera at the Defense Expo 2012. The Sherpa Lite is in the armored personal carrier category.Shepp Lite is manufactured by French Defense Company Reno Trucks Defense. Sherpas have the ability to master every possible emergency. Renault Sherpa is an active presence in the war zones.

The company designs two variants Armored and Unarmored The National Security Force is armed with an arsenal of weapons Ballistic IED and chemical weapons attacks There is also cutting edge communications system in SUV The fuel tank is fictional The untreated cushion and the untreated tires are special features of Sherpa Esau The SUV uses rings to escape the tires There is no need to specify that the windows are bullet proof The driver's window can only be opened with / by / up any point The 4.76 liter four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine in the Renault Sherpas will be able to create 215 bhp powers and 800 Nm torque The only automatic gearbox is in the SUV .

The four-wheel drives / drove transmission case will be engineered with four wheels Sherpa has weight of 2.2 tonnes In the seat seating 10 people can travel to Sherpa The SUV can carry weight of 11 tons The speed of the Renault Sherpa is 100 kms per  hour The Renault Sherpa has hydraulic power steering system.5.56 7.62 12.7 mm armaments is on the roof of the weapon Though Sherpa has been using the National Security Force the Uttar Pradesh government is the real owners of the company .

The Delhi government was initially initially acquired by the Sherpas but later handed over the ownership of the model to the Uttar Pradesh government.
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