Suzuki GIXXER 250 in India

                        Suzuki GIXXER 250 in India

Suzuki GIXXER sells as much in the 150 cc initial bike segment. But on the entry-level segment, there is no higher engine capacity. Suzuki is in the process of revising this issue soon Japanese manufacturer will bring new GIXXER 250 in the first half of next year. The company plans to introduce a gixxer 250 on a weighing bike category.At a later stage, the full version of GXR 250 is expected to be available in the market. The impact of the older GSX-S750 and GSX-S1000 models will be reflected in the design of Giza 250.The company will be powered by a 250 cc engine with oil cooling system for GIXXER 250. The engine will have a capacity of 22 to 25 bhp.Gearbox is a six-speed gearbox. The launch of the Gingerbread 250 will be launched as an Initial Tutorial bike. While the Gigar 150 will use the chassis, the company will make the necessary changes to include a more powerful 250 cc engine.

The suspension will be followed by front telescopic fork and behind Monoshock Absorber. The disc brakes will also be ready in the darkness of Gixxer 250. It is doubtful that the double channel ABS will be listed on standard features.The company may decide to have one-channel ABS bike on the cost. It is not wrong to consider the price of Rs. Yamaha FZ25 will be the main competitor of G-250 in India.



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