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The new Yamaha RX100?

           The new Yamaha RX100 

The Yamaha RX100 was once a part of the campuses. The excitement of the eighty-nineties. Yamaha's most popular bike The sounds of the riddles and the explosion of specks are in the mind of the bike lovers. Every RX100 running through the stairs is the bucket of youth.Yamaha was forced to stop the RX100 with tough stroke engine as the rules of pollution control in India became harder. In March 1996, the RX100 era ended in the market.But now come back to Yamaha RX100? Most people ask anxiously in the pictures of the bike that is popular in the media. While waiting for customers to buy Yamaha RX100 gold, a 'new' RX100 Facebook page with a temporary registration number is patrolled.

On the bike, the model is a brand new gunmetal (Satin Gray) color that gives the impression that the model is new. Painting is not anywhere. The black color for the engine components has a significant effect on the appearance of the bike.Engine parts of the RX100 are replaced by Yamaha's Chrome Framework. The new engine gear will also attract attention on the bike. But for the head headphones they will have to say that the uptime running lights are an injustice to the bike's retro classic style.The bike is the headmaster of the aftermarket. Dual multi-spoke alloy wheels will not stick to the tradition of the RX100. The Yamaha RX100 has the old spark wheel, beautiful. However, they are disappointed that they were not ready to give the disc break on the bike because of the alloy wheels.

Other parts of the model are less chrome painting. There are no substantial changes. The old elegance will be felt in tail and indentations. There are no changes in the m meson.The bike is 98 cc single cylinder air cool engine. The stock engine can generate 10.84 bhp power and 10.39 nm torque. The gearbox is the four-speed gearbox. The suspension is expected to be behind the front telescopic forks and shock absorber.It is only 103 kilograms burden. For this reason, the bike can ride at a speed of 120 km. The temporary registration number on the number plate creates the confusion over why the Yamaha RX100 is returned.Many people have assumed that the bike is new. But this is actually a re-registered bike. There is no way to get back Yamaha RX100 bikes with a tough stroke engine in the strictest sense of contamination regulations.At the beginning of the 21st century, Yamaha had tried to clarify RX 135 and RXZ models. But the new generation RX bikes could not go to the scene of the fascinating RX100 fame.