Volvo XC40, the new two variants - everything to know

 Volvo XC40, the new two variants - everything to know

Volvo XC40. The small SUV brought by Swedish manufacturers in India. Lowest price model in the column. Emu's pre-booking company started in May. July first release of XC40 R-Design was released in India. The price was Rs 39.99 lakh. In the first phase, 200 SUVs are on sale.The company hoped to sell all the models before the official arrival, but did not work. Within two weeks of sale, bookings are dealerships. Prior to the blaze, the SUV owned 200 units.After the hit XC40 R-Design in India, Volvo has introduced new variants and introduction variants. The company also added the price of the R-design variant.The initial variant of XC40 is Momentum. The price was Rs 39.90 lakh. At the top of the market, the highest value is Rs 43.90 lakh. Existing medium XC40 R-Design model is now available for sale at showrooms for Rs 42.90 lakh.

The new diesel engine is equipped with a new 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel engine. The engine will generate 190 bhp power and 400 nm torque. The engine is powered by eight speed gearbox and reaches four wheelsThe 9.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system in the new variants will be compatible with the Apple carpel and the Android Auto Connectivity feature. 18 inch alloy wheels, front pin seats with hot water, wireless phone charging, and 12 speaker Harman Kardon audio system are all of the XC40 SUV In the previous gear, the six-spoke diamond cut alloy wheels, the crystister gear knob, the back-seat headrests that power back the backsets - are the only highlights of the highest XC40 ingrown model.

The initial dimension of design is unique in design style. The 18 inch alloy wheels and cruise control can be traced to XC40 moments. The variants do not differ between security Automatic Collision Avoids, Emergency Breaking Lane Keep Assist, Blind Spot Warning, Pilot Assist, Traction Control, ESP, Hill Descent and Eight Airbags are all equipped to secure passenger safety.Another model in the range of security does not claim so much. Booking Volvo dealerships of the new momentum and invention variants have begun. Booking amount is two lakh.The bookies will be offering new models Volvo in August. The Volvo XC40 match is competing with BMW X1, Mercedes-Benz GLA Class and Audi Q3. The company is confident that the new XC40 will be able to increase Volvo sales significantly.

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