Surface Pro 6 vs. iPad Pro (2018)

                  Surface Pro 6 vs. iPad Pro

surface pro 6 vs. ipad pro 2018

 I'm going to be comparing two devices that just came out and have a very similar vision the Microsoft Surface pro six and the iPad pro 2018 both of these devices are trying to replace your laptop and there are a lot of similarities and a lot of differences so in this video I'm gonna be going for which one is better for your money so to start with the surface pro 6 only comes in at one size twelve point three inches you can get the miniature service go but the iPad pro actually comes in in two sizes you can get in an 11 inch version starting at $800 and a twelve point nine inch version starting at $1000 the cheating for iPad size is most different resolutions on their liquid Retina displays the 11-inch model sports is 2388 by 16 68 resolution while the twelve point nine inch version comes in at 2732 by 2048 pixels the surface pro 6 and it's 3:2 aspect ratio is a 27 36 by 18 24 resolution screen

 surface pro 6 vs. iPad pro battery

so looking at the relative pixel density head-to-head the surface pro is just ever so slightly better with 267 pixels per inch in comparison to the iPads 264 pixels per inch of both sizes now you can configure the surface pro 6 and the iPad pro 2018 there's a lot of different ways the surface pro actually does have more options and lets you pick processor and memory in addition to the storage which is really nice for scaling it according to your needs but by virtue of having more options not all combinations to CPUs memory and color options are available with one another the iPad pro also is a slightly fuller range of storage options 64 gigabytes up to 1 terabytes of storage while the surface pro 6 only runs from 128 gigabytes to one terabyte of storage and you can mix and match any combination of storage in color you can also add cellular service to the iPad pro with service pro 6 doesn't offer 

surface pro 6 vs. ipad pro edition

although the surface pro with LTE advanced is basically as good now if you compare sizes it's really not exact either the iPad pro is just slightly thinner and lighter but the surface is a built-in kickstand and since both salariki were separately you can at least prop the surface up without any external age which makes it seem more like a laptop than the iPad pro the iPad pro smart keyboard folio is $179 for the 11 inch model and $199 for the 12 inch model while the surfaces type cover is $129 and the styluses are also sold separately the Apple pencils $129 all the surface pen is $99 which may be a big deal if you're planning on using this to develop some types of ours when a hardware aspect in which the iPad pro is actually better than the surface pro though is the inclusion of a USB C port Apple's long been hesitant to use industry standard ports but finally they've actually replaced the lightning connector with a USBC cable and that way you can charge you connect a whole host of peripherals with non-proprietary cables and it also supports high bandwidth data transfers and can support external displays up to 5k the service protests of a traditional USB port which is really handy for a keyboard or a mouse or external drive 

surface pro 6 vs. ipad pro issues

as well as the mini displayport but it's not really very forward-thinking to include the increasingly standard USB C port you think that Microsoft would have added USB C before Apple but hey I guess there's always room for surprises Apple does throw that advantage out the window though because the iPad pro doesn't even have a headphone jack which isn't absolutely essential there are wireless options for headphones but it's pretty irritating especially given that they don't even give you the adapter in the box and the biggest difference between the iPad pro and the surface pro 6 is really just operating system the iPad runs iOS and the surface pro 6 runs Windows and honestly this is probably going to be the deal breaker for you when choosing between these laptops as far as laptop release myths go I would probably choose the surface pro here the Windows operating system does seem more slightly professional than iOS it seems like it's more of a desktop operating system and obviously iOS has gotten better and better over time but the surface pro 6 is running full on Windows 10 which is actually pretty impressive although the iPad pro 2018 is in my opinion one of the very best laptop alternatives that Apple has ever made I would still have to give the nod to the surface pro 6 over the iPad pro given the surfaces built-in kickstand in the pricing and also the fact that it runs a desktop operating system with that said though let me know which is your favorite in the comment section down below maybe other people have different preferences but again I would have to choose the surface pro 6.....
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