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Guacamelee 2 Download

it's earnest at a 3453 indie games released on the PC this year 113 of them receive their play scores from that we give you the top ten PC indie games of 2018 all arranged by play scores .the play score has an average of gamer and critic ratings starting off our list is Guacamelee! 2 - a Metroidvania platformer from drink box Studios Guacamelee! 2 - is a sequel to their smash hit which was released on the ps3 Vita and PC back in 2013 about 5 years after the first game the second installment attempts to fill the shoes of its legendary predecessor back with a colorful tour of Mexican culture through the eyes of their tough-looking luchador - managed to incorporate everything that made the first game good while adding new features to keep up with today's tough Metroidvania crawl what made the game stand out was its dedication to general fun and excitement considered a more forgiving Metroidvania platformer than most it's still demanding and challenging what it needs to be along with its new powers the control changes may have been uncomfortable for some keeping extremely faithful to the spirit of the original it's a great title for anyone who just wants more of their signature Mexican adventures .it has a playscore of 8.6 8th .

                            Unavowed Download

In Possition of number 9 is Unavowed known for their compelling adventure games for the PC and the mobile Waja ty games adds another feather in their cap with this latest point-and-click title in it you play the role of a former demon possessed see who now dedicates their life to stopping evil along with an ancient group called the Unavowed out it's an odd premise but they happen to make it work creatively crafting a world built on players choices for its breadth of decisions though Unavowed out may lead players to some dead ends as well as some areas that are less dead but still a bit lacking its puzzles being the genres lifeblood range from easy and straightforward to downright obscure .but told in traditional point-and-click fashion on a Unavowed still feels like an enveloping adventure experience packed with interactive puzzles intriguing storylines and interesting characters it has a playscore of 8.7 0.

                        Just Shapes & Beats Download

 Moving  to the number 8 spot is Just Shapes & Beats berserk Studios made in title is one hell of an action rhythm game a game that blatantly defies its own name just shapes and beats might be an accurate description but it hardly encompasses everything that's great about it .A gem hidden among this year's indie titles it fought its way to the list with its straightforward but addicting rhythm gameplay .Boasting many videogame inspirations it has appealed to swaths of gamers for its simple yet familiar visuals and controls .combining rhythm with a bit of bullet hell getting into the groove is a necessary part of the game .though it's EDM songs may not appeal to everyone the bass pack tracks are perfect - they're endlessly engaging stages. there's challenge at every one of their game modes each designed to cater to a different kind of audience. whether in their moving story mode or in the fierce multiplayer competition. simple and sophisticated it has a playscore of 8.7 7..

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