Samsung One UI Features

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Samsung's software is often a cause for complaint with many users but with Android Pi the company is making some big improvements with the debut of one UI now that it's in beta let's take a look at some of the best changes Samsung has designed its various apps to better fit it's very tall displays such as what you find on the galaxy s 9 plus or the note 9 commonly used tabs have moved from the top of the display to the bottom and all the content in general is just easier to access without any hand gymnastics a subtler touch in one UI is the addition of some better animations you'll probably not notice this unless you look at one UI and Samsung experience side by side but the various animations throughout are faster smoother and just better a huge gripe over the years for me with Samsung software has been the cluttered settings menu while 1 UI doesn't do a whole lot to condense the settings down it does offer a cleaner overall look it feels better organized and easier to navigate through just your navigation

                  samsung ui features

 also debuts with Samsung's 1 UI while it's not the same set of gestures you'll find from Google it's actually slightly more intuitive simple swipes from the bottom of each third of the display access back home and recents you can even toggle on small visual indicators to make things just a bit easier to understand the biggest improvement for many people though will be the addition of a system-wide dark mode this is something Android users have been asking for for years now Google is slowly implementing dark mode into its various apps and parts of Android but with one UI Samsung has delivered it through the entire system as well as its first party apps it's an excellent change that I hope more our we M is follow with especially Google Samsung is currently beta testing one UI on the Galaxy S 9 and s 9 plus and it should have start on the note 9 soon as well it'll start rolling out to all users early next year check out 95 google for more coverage on one UI and Samsung in general .
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