The Galaxy M20 has been priced at Rs. 10,990 for 3GB/32GB and Rs. 12,990 for 4GB/64GB


Samsung budget smartphones haven't really been exciting since forever but that's about to change Samsung has launched the new Galaxy M series of smartphones in India and well we have them here so let's take


                       GALAXY M20 SPECIFICATION

 let's talk about the galaxy m20 so this is the new galaxy m20 and it's a pretty striking looking smartphone at least from the front this is the first Samsung smartphone to incorporate some kind of a knotch and I'm glad they went with this teardrop notch design since it's definitely better and less intrusive than other implementations I know what Samsung calls it the Infinity V design which is just a fancy name for this teardrop dewdrop knotch anyway the front here is almost bezel s as you can see since the chin is pretty small too and well it looks beautiful the display here is a six point three inch full HD plus TFT display with Asahi dragon trail pro glass and well so far the display here seems great it's vibrant the contrast is good and it seems fairly bright too I know it's not AMBLED but maybe we'll see an AMOLED display in the m30 or the m-40 okay so that was the front which honestly looks pretty great but I can't say the same thing about this back the galaxy m20 is back reminds you of your usual budget samsung smartphones with its plastic black design it's just not attractive enough especially when you put it against the likes of say the redmi note 7 the zenfone max grow m2 as you can see the glossy plastic back of the galaxy m20 just feels to stand out however moving on from the looks the design here has pretty much everything there's the fingerprint scanner on the back which seems fast enough but so far it has been a little awkward to use thanks to its higher positioning 

                       GALAXY M20 FEATURES

overall the design on the new galaxy m2 ad seems great yes the back is fairly bland and unattractive but the front looks beautiful and unlike previous budget phones from Samsung it's got almost everything yes there's no notification LED but I guess that's a sacrifice Samsung made with the Infinity redesign moving on to the performance now and this is one area where previous Samsung's budget phones where how do I put it terrible when the galaxy m20 packs in the new Exynos 7904 octa-core chipset with up to four gigs of that we have the 4gb ram went into the phone and well let's start with the benchmarks so here at the Geek bench cause of the x0 7904 on the m20 the snapdragon 616 on the redmi note 7 the underclock snapdragon 616 on the max-flow m2 and the snapdragon 636 on the nokia 6.1 plus now it's clear that the single cost cause of the m20 are comparable to the snapdragon 636 but the multi-core scores fall behind but hey I'm not gonna judge the galaxy m2 any just from the benchmark scores anyway in my brief usage of the phone usual day-to-day tasks have been fairly smooth and even the gaming performance has been fine beat while playing as for line or pubg mobile.

                    GALAXY M20 CAMERA

let's get to the cameras now which has traditionally been the strong point of Samsung budget phones the galaxy umbrella features a 13 megapixel F 1.9 primary sensor with a 5 megapixel F 2.2 ultra-wide sensor and it has all the Samsung features like the live focus mode which is basically the portrait mode the beauty mode the pro mode and mode well here are a few shots I took from the galaxy m20 when the photos from the Android debate in the usual mode or the portrait mode look fairly good so far plus there's the wide-angle lens which results in some really cool photos so there's that but yeah when it comes of vertex on the camera it's a little too early to judge when it comes to the videos the phone does not support 4k video recording which is weird since eggs in our 7904 has support.

 first impressions of the new galaxy m20 but our full review will be out soon so stay tuned for that and if you have any questions about the galaxy m20 make sure to comment below and we'll answer them in a full review 

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