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according to the latest reports miui 11 will be a new and unique OS with some amazing features but features aside there are some important changes Xiaomi should be making with me you 11 well let me tell you all about it .

hey guys this is a place of evil not common and Xiaomi recently revealed that me y11 development has started and while I'm pretty sure that it will bring some great new features there are some things that Xiaomi needs to change with me you I love it 

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 MIUI 11 new i bless might bring the latest Android version on board but they don't necessarily bring the latest Android features which is quite disappointing let me give you an example so here's the poco everyone with Android Pie based MIUI 10 but does it have any Android 5 features well no it's wrong really when the new major Android update does not bring any of its major new features I mean there's no adaptive brightness rotation toggle other digital well being peaches I mean Mia gestures are better than what Android fibra much Xiaomi can at least bring the useful stock Android features like digital well being you'll all agree when I say the digital well being features are amazing so I really hope Xiaomi includes it in me you 11 and if xiaomi has a problem with google I'd say why not build their own digital well being feature like wow it I'm sure you've heard of cheetah mobile somewhere right then if you haven't let me tell you all about them the cheetah mobile is one of the most infamous app development companies out there with a lot of attacks being hugely popular like clean master CM launcher quick big battery doctor and a lot more now the company has been accused of ad fraud data mining selling user data and whatnot and in fact

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 Google recently remove some cheetah mobile apps from the Play Store so surprising really that Xiaomi uses cheetah Mobile's clean master engine in the cleaner app of me one yes just take a look at this so when you open the cleaner app on me why for the first time you get a pop-up about terms and conditions with the upload folder names option enabled now as you can see mentioned below this feature uploads folder names to update cheetah Mobile's database in fact if you open up the privacy policy here it opens up cheetah Mobile's privacy policy along with Tencent so the cleaner app is clearly powered by Cheatham and it's Roger the cleaner a lot of Xiaomi phones have the tikka keyboard as the default keyboard which is another cheetah mobile app to be honest it's not really all that surprising it's all connected let me show you so here's the notorious cheetah mobile and its parent company is king soft and Lee Joon is the chairman of king soft and you know who Legion is right well he's the founder chairman and CEO of Xiaomi so as you can see it's all pretty well connected but it's high time Xiaomi stopped using cheetah mobile apps like the clean wrap I mean do we even need a cleaner app on our phones well I just hope that Xiaomi starts taking a privacy and security seriously with me you 11 so a big note to cheetah mobile apps and Sheeta mobile features we have been getting a lot of comments and tweets saying I hate MIUI ads Xiaomi should remove ads from the UI new ads are annoying and a lot more it's clear that you don't like ads in me UI and well I hate them too Mui has ads everywhere and it's horrible rate just think about it we are paying ten thousand fifty thousand rupees on a brand new smartphone only to find ads ruining the experience I mean if Xiaomi needs more money they can increase the prices of their phones and we'll be fine but resorting to cheap ads to extend the revenue is just plain bad honestly it would have been understandable had other platforms featured at Samsung experience you I always MIUI is Suzy's nu ing zero but it's called they don't feature ads and it's even more surprising because Xiaomi is now one of the top five smartphone makers in the world and the top smartphone maker in India look if Xiaomi wants to be perceived as a premium smartphone brand in the world.


now let's talk about  it's high time and they started acting like a premium smartphone brand well let's hope they start by removing ads in me you 11 bloatware another problem in MIUI that I hope Xiaomi fixes with new MIUI 11 and this is another problem that's more rampant in charmese entry-level read me phones let me show you so here's the redmi 6 h army's most affordable smartphone out there and it has so many apps pre-installed first of all it has four browsers on what I mean I'm okay with me browser and chrome on board but Opera browser as well as you see browser which by the way the browser that I don't trust when it comes to security and it's not just browsers there are so many apps pre-installed like Amazon Facebook phone pair Daley hunter opera news mint or a chat and a lot more I understand that people might want to use Amazon and Facebook but that Xiaomi really neatly start all of these apps on a budget phone well I don't think so and I certainly hope that Xiaomi cuts down on the bloatware with me who I live it me why does not have an app drawer and it sucks now this is a sentence I'm pretty sure you've heard numerous times from me and a lot of other people well I hope Xiaomi fixes this with MIUI 11 I mean say what you will the me MIUI home screen gets all messed up due to the fact that there's no app drawer you can make folders and move multiple apps around but there's no way to sort these apps by name which is kind of annoying when you install as many apps as I do Roku phones have the Paco launcher which has an app drawer so maybe Xiaomi will bring something like that with me you 11 or at least we'll get better sorting Hisle bit to sum things up let me put things honestly yes there's a lot to like about  MIUI and I really appreciate the features that it brings and MIUI eleven should bring some great new features but I really hope that Xiaomi uses  MIUI 11 to bring a positive change to its platform by fixing all of these issues anyway it's time now to talk about a sponsors for this video I sky soft toolbox which is the data transfer tool that lets you transfer data between Android phones and between Android and iOS devices with easy you can transfer things like contacts messages photos music videos call logs apps and a lot more the tool supports almost all the Android and iOS devices out there so you should be covered I sky soft toolbox which is available in a free trial with its license available for $30 but be more subscribers can get a 20% discount by using the leadbox so what are you waiting for check out I sky soft toolbox which from the link in the description below well those are some things that need fixing in me UI but is there any other problem that you have been facing that is go in the comment section below also give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and share it with your friends

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