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Android 9 has barely hit a 15% adoption rate Android 10 is closer than you'd think with the first Developer Preview potentially arriving in March


The things that I just think would take it to a whole other level so what's more or less confirmed a system-wide dark mode is coming starting from Android 10 or Android q every pre-loaded app will supposedly be dock mode ready and this is not a small undertaking as every menu of every app will have to be tweaked but it will make for a completely new aesthetic and pretty major battery life improvements on phones with OLED screens to give you an idea when Google first showed off night mode on the original pixel at peak brightness there was a 63 percent reduction in power draw 


Then you've got screen continuity which is support for applications extending across multiple or foldable displays which of course couldn't come sooner multi resumed which is not a new feature in its entirety but more of an extension of what you've seen from split screen as it stands only one app is active at a time but with Android 10 both can work simultaneously you could potentially play a game on one half of your screen whilst also flicking through your Spotify playlist on the other. 


The fourth thing is a desktop like experience Google has actually shown interest in a Samsung decks like setup where you can connect to a smartphone app to a monitor as a PC replacement and to be honest I think this is going to be one of the major areas of improvement in the next few years with the traditional PC being pretty much reserved for professionals and gamers and everyone else being able to use their phone and also to be expected are just loads of little quality of life improvements like a new set of emojis the ability to completely block private numbers and calls from telephone booths automatically adding the country code of wherever you are trying to call so that's the current rumored feature set .....

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