Best rangoli design for diwali 2019 | best diwali rangoli design

             Best rangoli design for diwali 2019

On the day of Diwali, Dhanteras and Chhoti Diwali, for the arrival of Maa Lakshmi and to please her, she cleans the house and makes a rangoli at the main gate of the house. Here we have also brought for you the best Rangoli designs of 2019

          Best and easy rangoli for diwali 2019

 Best and easy rangoli designs for diwali 2019

Best and simple rangoli for diwali 2019

Best design of rangoli for diwali 2019

                    Best diwali rangoli 2019

          Best diwali rangoli images 2019

Rangoli making is a timeless tradition that is followed across the country. It is also known as alpana, aripoma, or kolam. A rangoli is usually made up of geometrical structures that are symmetrical. The design patterns often consist of natural elements like animals, flowers, etc. In many cases, designs are passed down through generations with some of them being hundreds of years old.
The word ‘rangoli’ is said to have been derived from the words ‘rang’ and ‘aavalli’ which refers to a row of colours.
Making a rangoli can sound daunting, but is not so. In case you are looking for some rangoli inspiration, then we got you covered. Take a look at these videos.
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