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Tahoe resident recently tested positive for the bubonic plague

                    Bubonic plague lake Tahoe

Bubonic plague lake Tahoe

Update: Parking areas at the Tallac Historic Site, Kiva Beach/Picnic area and the Taylor Creek Visitor Center reopened today (9/4) at 7am.
The parking areas at the Tallac Historic Site, Kiva Beach/Picnic area and the Taylor Creek Visitor Center are temporarily closed to allow for treatment to mitigate fleas in the area, which have tested positive for Bubonic Plague bacteria.
The Forest Service is working closely with our partners at the California Department of Public Health and we anticipate that these parking areas will reopen before Labor Day weekend.
Visitors should take the following precautions when visiting areas where active Bubonic Plague has been found. Remember to stay on trails and if you must bring your pet, keep them on a short leash and do not let them investigate rodent burrows.

How can you prevent the bubonic plague

• Avoid contact with wild rodents, which can be infected with fleas
• Do not touch sick/dead rodents• Report unusual observations to rangers• Do not camp, sleep/rest near animal burrows• Wear long pants tucked into boots to reduce exposure to fleas• Apply insect repellent to socks/pant cuffs• If possible, leave pets at home
• Muscle aches/weakness
• Swollen/tender lymph nodes

Bubonic Plague is naturally occurring in many parts of California, including the Sierra Nevada, and can be transmitted through bites from infected fleas. Plague is readily treatable when diagnosed early. If you experience any of the following symptoms after recreating in these areas, especially if you have evidence of an insect bite, tell your doctor where you have been and what you have done that may have exposed you to Bubonic Plague.

Symptoms of bubonic plague

• Muscle aches/weakness
• Swollen/tender lymph nodes

• Fever/chills
Pain areas: in the abdomen or muscles
Cough: can be with blood
Whole body: fever, chills, fatigue, or malaise
Gastrointestinal: diarrhoea, nausea, or vomiting
Also common: bleeding, delirium, headache, phlegm, shortness of breath, or swollen and tender lymph node