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how to agree whatsapp privacy policy

 how to agree whatsapp privacy policy

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has been sending an in-app notification about the updated terms of service and privacy policy, informing them about the changes made in the policy of the instant messaging platform. While some users got the notification on Tuesday, many received it on Wednesday. The notification was received by users of both Android and iOS users, after which WhatsApp started trending on microblogging site Twitter

    how to agree whatsapp privacy policy

The privacy policy has been updated by the instant messaging platform on its website, where it stated that the platform offers some optional features and they require WhatsApp to collect more information to provide these features to users who opt for them. As deemed appropriate by WhatsApp, the users would be updated about such a collection of their information, it said. Those users who choose not to give the platform access to such additional information would not be able to use these optional features, like users not permitting WhatsApp to access location data would not be able to share their location with their contacts.

 how to agree whatsapp privacy policy

The platform also explained the amount of data the app collects automatically. This includes the users’ activity on WhatsApp, their service settings, their interactions with other WhatsApp users, the time and duration of their activities on WhatsApp, log files, as well as performance reports and logs.

   how to accept whatsapp new policy

The app collects a lot of metadata related to the account such as the phone number, your profile picture, your usage patterns (features you use, groups you’ve joined, and status in the Story format), and device data.

 how to agree whatsapp privacy policy

While most of it is just restructured into different sections from older versions of the privacy policy, the company has added a section called “Transaction and Payments Data” in a push for Facebook’s various payment services to let you pay for different goods. And that brings us to the integration push.



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