Sick fish treatment | How to save a sick fish

          Sick fish treatment

Sick fish treatment
Sick fish treatment

Treating a sick aquarium fish can be difficult, especially if you’re new to the hobby or have never seen this disease before. Based on years of experience helping customers at our fish store and online, here are the step-by-step guidelines and medications we personally use to get our fish back to health as quickly as possible. Sick fish treatment

            How to save a sick Fish: Treatment

You can’t predict if or when your fish will get sick or what disease they might come down with, but it’s a good idea to be familiar with common ailments and their symptoms so you can quickly begin treatment if you think they may be infected. Being able to recognize problems and begin treatment early gives you the best chance of saving your fish! Sick fish treatment

                        Sick fish treatment

  1. Anchor worms

sick fish symptoms

introduced into aquariums by infected fish, young anchor worms are small crustaceans that burrow into the fish’s skin and enter the muscles. Here they begin to develop and release eggs before they die—leaving behind damage, which can become infected.Sick fish treatment

Sick fish treatment for anchor worms

           physically removing the parasite
      cleaning the wound with an antiseptic(use iodine)
           bathing freshwater fish in a seawater bath (35ppt) for about 5 minutes for multiple                 days until the   parasite falls off

2. Body Flukes

sick fish symptoms

Undesirable environmental conditions—including poor water quality, overcrowding and/or stress by incompatible species—creates conditions that can lead to destructive outbreaks. Flukes are often present in aquariums but remain harmless under ideal conditions. Avoiding stressful conditions is a key to prevention, but once an outbreak occurs, prompt treatment is critical.

Sick fish treatment for Body Flukes

praziquantel is effective but must be carefully administered

3. Clamped Fin

sick fish symptoms

Not indicative of one specific disease. Can be a reflection of various problems, including bad water quality and/or parasites. Important to first determine the specific problem in order to treat fish properly. Sick fish treatment for

Sick fish treatment for Clamped Fin

multipurpose antibiotic like Tetra Lifeguard
adding 1 tbs. aquarium salt per gallon will help prevent clamped fin

4. Dropsy

sick fish symptoms

A bacterial infection of the kidneys, which causes fluid accumulation or renal failure. It appears to create problems only in weakened fish. May stem from untidy aquarium conditions.Sick fish treatment

Sick fish treatment for Dropsy

adding aquarium salt is highly recommended
Antibiotic injections or feed are most effective

5. Fish Ick

sick fish symptoms

Usually attacks fish that are stressed, which can be caused by factors including rapid temperature and pH fluctuations Sick fish treatment

Sick fish treatment for Fish Ick

Add one tablet per day to each 5 gallons of water. Treat for 5 consecutive days
can be treated with antibiotics or general cures like Tetra Ick.

6. Fungus 

sick fish symptoms

Fish who develop fungus are already in a vulnerable state, the result of other serious health problems or attacks, such as parasites, a physical injury or a bacterial infection.Sick fish treatment

Sick fish treatment for Fungus

Add one tablet per day to each 5 gallons of water. Treat for 5 consecutive days
medications include both a fungicide and antibiotics

   Conclusion to Sick fish treatment

We are very passionate about quarantining all new fish, no matter who you get them from, because even changing their environment (e.g., different water parameters or new social hierarchy) can trigger disease. That’s why we preventively medicate every single fish that enters our fish store and ensure they have a clean bill of health before leaving our care. In the same way, take the proper precautions to ensure your own fish can lead long and healthy lives.

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